Chasing ShadowsShapov feat. Cal

From the emotive instrumental backdrop to Cal’s stricken vocals, Shapov’s brand-new offering on Armada Music tugs at the heart strings from the first second till the last. With touching lyrics and stirring melodies, ‘Chasing Shadows’ may help you find the light when only the darkness is around.

Shapov: “I received the vocal of this track about eight years ago during the time when I was in Hard Rock Sofa. For me personally, this song reflects an important life lesson: it’s important to move on and to keep yourself from giving up during the darker times. Always allow yourself to feel and dream, because brighter days could be just around the corner.”

Chasing Shadows


  • Chasing Shadows Shapov feat. Cal

Release details

  • Released by: Armada Music
  • Single release date: 28 February 2020

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